Hospitality House

 The Hospitality House (Hebrews 13:2-3), Inc. is located in Chester, Illinois, and began providing overnight lodging to prisoner families and friends in July, 1986. The Hospitality House is a two-story Victorian house overlooking the Mississippi River with 4 guestrooms, 3 full baths, kitchen, lounge, and two rooms which serve as living quarters for Gayle Ayala, House Director. Over 28,770 guests have stayed at the Hospitality House since 1986. The Hospitality House's purpose is to provide overnight lodging at a low cost to the guest. Kitchen is available to use if so desired. There are two institutions in Chester which the Hospitality House serves; they are: Menard Correctional Institutions (Maximum and medium security) and Chester Mental Health. The Hospitality House is managed by a five-member board and Gayle Ayala, house director who lives on site. The Hospitality House is run solely on donations from guests, individuals, organizations, churches, and grants. Many people volunteer time and supplies to keep the Hospitality House open.

For more information about Hospitality House:

Call Gayle Ayala at 618-826-9810 , email: hospitalityhousechester@, or Board member Mary Ann Horstmann at 618-568-1945 or Board President Fr. Leo Hayes at 618-426-3321, fatherleohayes@

Donations can be mailed to the Hospitality House c/o Mary Ann Horstmann, Treasurer - 115 S. 7th St - Elkville, IL 62932-2515. All donations are tax deductible.

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