A receipient of the newsletter, who is also an inmate,  requested  that a memorial be put in place for Rose Golden. He made this request when he learned of  her passing because he was a recipient her prayers and cards. And he knew of her love and concern for inmates. Rose Golden had a love for all people, and was known to ask for family pictures so she could put them in her Bible as a reminder to pray for those pictured.  It didn't matter how well you knew her or if you were related to her, this was something she was known to do. She had a love, care, and concern for inmates that went beyond spoken words. Some years back, she requested a prayer list for those who were incarcerated or on parole; asking what their particular needs might be. I created a blanket prayer guide for inmates, and those on parole. When I first received a letter requesting that a memorial be made in her honor, I wasn't sure how it would work, but did think it was a good idea. Rose was a great help to me, sending cards for the Bereavement Ministry, remembering the lonely and the incarcerated, and she is a person greatly missed by many. She would often help me by reminding me to send a card to someone who I would sometimes  forget. These are things we forget in our busy lives, but are very important. Even though Rose was aged, she was young in spirit. She did not judge others. A memorial seemed to be the least I could do to honor her memory. When I was sent a $25 donation to ensure that a friend who was incarcerated would receive the newsletter; I was reminded of the previous request, and  inspired to start the Rose Memorial Fund. I know she would want everyone to receive a card or a  letter.  Besides honoring Rose, it gives Inmates the chance to give something back to society; should they wish to or are able to do so. No amount is too small. All funds go towards sending out the monthly newsletter to inmates, supporting our ever growing mailing list. Please make all funds payable to International Christian Fellowship.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

I want to thank the following Inmates for their generous monetary gifts to the Rose Memorial fund, which ensures the monthly mailing of the newsletter (currently)  to approximately 100 inmates: Johnny Plass, Oscar Falcon, and Martin Cabrera.


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