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On behalf of the Church, International Christian Fellowship, and myself;  I would like to thank Inmates: Johnny Plass and Oscar Falcon, for their sacrificial,  monetary gifts to the Rose Memorial Fund.

Other Helpful Resources

Please visit Life Catalyst at  http://www.icflifecatalyst.org/wordpress1/tag/addictions/ for  educational information,  programs for parolees, those on probation, or those who want to make new connections when released from prison. These programs are designed to meet the needs of those re-entering society, helpful in building life skills, and for those who are court mandated to attend these programs.

For Support, an abundance of information about the Illinois Department of Corrections, and other programs that pertain to Inmates and their needs, please visit Illinois Prison Talk at http://www.illinoisprisontalk.org/index.php



I  enjoy reaching out to people with encouraging words, and helping others when time and finances allow. I have a small cleaning business, which allows me to make a difference in peoples lives in many different ways. My link on Face Book will allow many access to a newsletter I write monthly, which was born out of a burden to give inmates a voice and sense of self worth. I have a small pen pal ministry, but this mostly consists of writing the monthly newsletter, and mailing it out by snail-mail  and email. It is currently distributed in Cook and Dekalb County Correctional facilities  in addition to the state facilities it is mailed to . Three of my greatest interests are my personal devotional time, my family, and my writing when time allows. I am currently working on a manuscript called, The Many Faces of Fear.

About Me

I was born in Chicago, and grew up primarily in the suburbs. I moved in 1985 to Dekalb County where I still reside. I earned a BS in Education from Northern Illinois University in 1991, and became a minister at International Christian Fellowship in Brookfield Illinois  in 2005. I have authored one book to date called, Gaining Control of Your Mind Through The Mind of Christ. I do some free-lance writing, and have been writing  a monthly newsletter since 2004, which was and still is a prayer newsletter. It is designed to inspire prayer, and to get the reader to focus on things above and not below. In 2007, I was inspired to start a column for Inmates and their families called Words From Behind The Wall,  I invite whoever will to feel free to use the material to benefit others.

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